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Established in the USA in 2005 by three business people who have proven their success in their respective industries, Kyäni is a Food Supplement products company with the nutrition system it created during the three-year R&D period. The founders of Kyäni combined all their experience in Kyäni. Kyäni founders, who have achieved strong and stable businesses thanks to their commercial success for generations, carry Kyäni, which still carries out its activities in over 50 countries, including Turkey, to the top of the 'Next Generation Marketing' industry. Kyäni is a member of the direct sales associations of 28 countries and 19 of the important companies of the sector which carries out the representative of the companies and business partners in the Direct Sales Sector in Europe and operates in maintaining the prestige of the sector and increasing its awareness. Kyani is also a member of 'Direct Selling Association-DSA’ in America and Direct Selling Association-DSD’ in Turkey. At the same time, Kyäni Turkey is a member of the Food Supplement and Nutrition Association in order to follow the developments related to food supplements with its stakeholders and to guide the market together.

While Kyäni improves people's lives with nutritional supplements focused on physical integrity that supports a good life, where natural ingredients are blended with high technology and science, it also provides food and education support to many children and adults in need with its social responsibility project called 'Caring Hands'.

Triangle of Wellness in the Kyäni portfolio; While supporting the immune system with the ingredients of its products (Sunrise, Nitro FX&Plus and Sunset), it contributes to meeting many different needs of your body. At the same time, protein group products help meet the vitamin, mineral and micronutrient needs of many people who have an active life, believe in healthy nutrition and want to feel, look fit and energetic. As a company that sets out for a good life, Kyäni manufactures all its products with high standards and has these standards approved by relevant institutions around the world. With "Product Certificates" and "Supplier Certificates" issued by Official Institutions, Kyäni gives confidence to its business partners and customers.

Everything Kyäni does is built around helping its customers and business partners improve their physical, mental and financial health.

In Turkey, Kyäni started its operations in 2012 and is currently serving its business partners and customers with its solution-oriented corporate staff in its 9-storey plaza in Kozyatağı.

The company also strengthens its digital communication with brand and product videos in different languages prepared for all countries where Kyäni operates, especially recently. It regularly communicates products and business opportunities to its business partners and customers through its corporate website and social media accounts, and feeds them with regular information about the company, services and investments.

By signing a strategic partnership in September 2022, Kyäni combined its strength with 'Amare - Mental Wellness Company', a US-based company like itself, which works and produces food supplements in the field of mind and body integrity. Thus, a product portfolio that supports both physical and mental integrity was created under the roof of Kyäni-Amare, and a big step was taken in order to offer a good life to millions. The two companies will continue to grow together as 'ONE', for a single future, a single mission.


Mental WellnessCompany®


To create a holistic 'Mental Wellness' platform of products, programs and people.


Lead the global 'Mental Wellness' revolution.

What is "Amare"?

“Amare” means “to love” in Latin, and love is the universal language. Yet, in order to truly love others, we believe you must first start by loving yourself.

Our vision at Amare is to lead the global mental wellness revolution. By inspiring people to love and believe in themselves, we envision they will live an extraordinary life and make a difference for others.

What is Mental Wellness??

Mental Wellness is everything.

Mental Fitness, Stress Resilience, SelfConfidence, Physical Performance, Financial Freedom

Our Platform

Growing up, most of us were educated about ways to take care of our physical health. But very few were educated on how to take care of our mental health. That changes now.

Amare’s platform of products, programs, and people is designed to optimize your mental wellness so you can live a life full of vigor, positivity and performance. And now, joining forces with Kyäni, Amare has evolved into a 'Well Being-Wellness' company that offers mental and physical integrity together with Kyäni's products focused on physical benefit.

Founder & Chairman

The foundation of this vision comes from our Founder & Chairman, Hiep Tran. Throughout his successful business career, Hiep found fulfillment in helping people believe in themselves and experience their own definition of success.

Hiep Tran (Founder, Chairman)

Hiep is the founder and visionary of Amare. He finds great meaning in coaching, mentoring and empowering people to succeed. The most significant moments of his professional career are the stories of members of his team growing and exceeding their own expectations for themselves. This passion for seeing others succeed is one of the primary reasons Hiep launched Amare — to empower others on a much larger scale than he ever could before.

The other main reason Hiep founded Amare was because of his journey with his own health and wellness. Although he had achieved a high level of success in the business world, he did so at the expense of his own physical and mental health. It was out of these hardships that the ideas for Amare began to take shape. Learning from his journey, Hiep developed a passion for health and wellness which he wanted to share with others.

Hiep’s commitment to excellence and integrity in all areas of the business is a constant emphasis to the entire Amare team. He believes that great products will make a difference, but an entire holistic platform of products, programs and a community of people supporting each other will change lives.